Information on Separation Agreements in Alberta

Separation agreements are very important when a relationship ends between a married couple or common-law couple. Lacking a separation agreement does not mean that couples such as common-law spouses have not separated, but it can help clarify things when dealing with:

  • Spousal Support
  • Custody and Guardianship
  • Child Support
  • Division of Property
  • Understanding Assets and Liabilities

It can be very important to have a formal legal document such as a separation agreement so that final or temporary agreements can be made by you and your partner regarding any legal issues resulting from the separation.

The Difference Between Separation
Agreements and Litigation

It is never easier to take a problem to trial. Although agreements are difficult to reach, it is always better to deal with problems due to separation outside of court. Litigation can be a negative and painful experience, in addition to the cost and lack of promise of a positive result. Negotiation is always a better option because it is less costly and often results in a more positive relationship between those involved.

Separation agreements are often much more flexible than any court ordered processes. By their very nature, separation agreements can contain terms that court orders cannot and can be arranged specifically to accommodate the wishes of both parties.




A Trial Separation can be Beneficial for Everyone

Filing for divorce should come as a last resort in Alberta. Please take a moment to recognize the benefits of a trial separation rather than forging down the road of legal separation or divorce. Trial separations benefits include:

  • Retention of medical benefits and additional policies that would be void by divorce.
  • Remaining married for over 10 years can have effects on the retention of certain military benefits
  • If the decision for divorce is made, the legal separation agreement can be transferred into a divorce settlement agreement.
  • Time apart for cooling down and reassessing the situation.
  • Religious flexibility, if divorce is a conflict with personal beliefs.
  • Remaining married for over 10 years can have effects on the retention of CPP.

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