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If you are not ready to file for divorce and would like to try a legal separation, it is important to understand the facts. You will still fall under the rules of legal marriage in Alberta despite your legal separation. A legal separation court order will determine the rights and obligations of both partners within the separation. Under the law, the couple are still legally married, but it will allow each individual to lead separate lives. Legal separation is useful if either party wants to seek out reconciliation or counselling, or to gain space and time to consider the situation.

All of the following issues must still be resolved during a separation:

  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Division of assets and debts
  • Child custody
  • Visitation rights




Wondering how an Edmonton Family Lawyer
can Help in a Legal Separation?

The matters that must be addressed during a separation agreement are often very similar to those in a legal divorce agreement, and so it is very important that you have a respected Edmonton family lawyer on your side. If, at any stage during the legal separation, you wish to have your family lawyer file for divorce.on your behalf, you must understand that the court will use your legal separation as precedence when dealing with your legal divorce. Not having a family lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta could be disastrous when dealing with the terms of your legal separation or divorce.

Trialing a Separation Before Divorce in Alberta Is Smart

Before filing for divorce outright, you should be aware of the benefits of engaging in the trial separation process in Alberta. Although there are similarities between legal separation and divorce, legal separation has other benefits, such as:

  • Retention of medical benefits and additional policies that would be void by divorce.
  • Remaining married for over 10 years can have effects on the retention of certain military benefits.
  • If the decision for divorce is made, the legal separation agreement can be transferred into a divorce settlement agreement.
  • Time apart for cooling down and reassessing the situation.
  • Religious flexibility, if divorce is a conflict with personal beliefs.
  • Remaining married for over 10 years can have effects on the retention of CPP.

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