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When dealing with the difficult decisions of divorce, or contemplating divorce, the primary focus of emotional and financial welfare revolve around these questions:

  •     What is best for the children involved?
  •     How assets, or wealth, will be distributed?

But there is a hidden issue that must also be resolved: how to divide existing marital debt. Divorce is difficult enough and can cause financial woes, and so it is vital to make arrangements with regards to debt in Alberta. We have trusted Edmonton divorce lawyers who are ready to help if you are thinking about divorce or have been served divorce papers.

If you are considering the divorce process, it is essential that you first give some thought to the shared debt in any legal relationship, such as:

  • male-female marriage
  • domestic partnership
  • same sex union

Questions about Division of Debt
through Divorces in Alberta?

It is important to recognize that you may not find the financial stability that marriage offers once you are divorced. You may be forced to divide cash, marital debt, retirement plans, and any equity in property when filing for divorce in Alberta. There are also other issues that may affect the division of debt, assets, and property through divorce, such as job loss, a reduction in work hours or shifts, and/or any outstanding medical bills.

You have rights during divorce proceedings and having an Edmonton marital debt lawyer on your side can make the difficult and emotional process of getting a divorce much easier. Call us today to find out how we can help you move on, safely, securely and quickly.

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