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Collaborative divorce is the ideal option for partners that have been separated and would like to sort out their financial and legal matters in a respectful and cooperative way. This is the best option for those who would like to avoid litigation and make decisions in a peaceful, safe environment.

The family lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo understand the importance of avoiding relationship damage and the need to work together. Certified collaborative lawyers work best when both partners are willing and able to meet in a personal way in order to negotiate the divorce in a productive and meaningful way. A collaborative lawyer in Edmonton can make all the difference in your separation.

Information on Collaborative Divorce

For collaborative work, it is essential that everyone involved is willing to work together and be honest. If there is a history of abuse or physical conflicts, then the relaxed, procedural setting of collaborative law may not be the option for your case.




Benefits of Collaborative Divorce in Alberta

  • Understanding each other’s concerns
  • Evaluating the alternatives
  • Avoiding legal fees and time associated with court proceedings
  • Identifying your common interest
  • Sharing information (financial, assets, medical, etc.)
  • Achieving a consensus for both parties

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