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Slaferek Callihoo has a long-standing depth of experience in family lawOur firm is dedicated to serving Edmonton, and greater Alberta, with the dedication and service that have brought clients results. With decades of experience working at every level of court, Slaferek Callihoo brings compassion and understanding to our clients. Our background and resources allow us to build a case you can be confident with, while working within the legal system for your best interests. We understand the dynamics of the Albertan, Saskatchewan, BC, and Manitoba legal systems, and the members that operate within its proceedings. Don’t hesitate in retaining legal counsel with our office and unload the stress as you look toward the future.

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Focusing only on family in Edmonton, Slaferek Callihoo offers clients a better focus and knowledge of the legal justice system, and the members within it. The following is a detailed list of cases Slaferek Callihoo commits themselves to managing:

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Reach our Edmonton law office immediately if you are dealing with a family legal matter. Like any serious legal matter, the sooner you receive legal counsel, the better are your odds in protecting your rights and securing the result you need. Call Slaferek Callihoo’s family law office in Edmonton, Alberta, and get the advice and guidance you need regarding your legal matter – 1-780-800-7620.

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