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Christie L Callihoo, Edmonton Family Lawyer

Christie Callihoo attended University of Alberta for her undergraduate degree, graduating in 2001 and commencing law school in 2004. Christie Callihoo graduated in 2007 from law school and was called to the Alberta Bar in 2008, beginning to work in the areas of counselling and family worker capacities during the period of time between her undergraduate degree and law school. She currently practices solely in the area of family law in both the Provincial Court of Alberta and the Court of Queen’s Bench. She completed her undergraduate degree majoring in Sociology which brings a unique perspective to the practice of family law. Her sociology degree and past work experience provides a greater understanding of the impacts of divorce and separation on the individuals involved, and the effects that divorce and separation have on children. This experience and knowledge allows Christie Callihoo an understanding that goes beyond the laws that govern family law. This perspective compliments her main philosophy and approach to family law matters. It is always her first objective to mediate and guide the clients to a mutually agreeable conclusion. It is Christie’s belief that, especially when children are involved, the best interest of the children is served by the encouragement of the parents to get along and communicate. Only when this approach is not successful, does she turn her focus to the courts. Christie Callihoo has experience in Provincial court trials, Court of Queen’s Bench Chambers and Special Chambers applications in all areas of family law.

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